Waiting for winter solstice

December 19, 2014

  I walked into my dental office last week after attending a meeting ,I was told that everyone in the waiting room was waiting for me and very grumpy.  Apparently, my staff thought I would be back earlier and had mistakenly booked appointments. Yes friends and…

A Mindful Thanksgiving

October 17, 2014

As Apple once again creates a “worldwide event” to announce yet another iPhone, iPad, iWatch or iWhatever to make even more billions of dollars; the company that is supposed to make us more “connected” seems to be in fact, keeping us further “dis-connected”.  How many…

Tired but Happy, Hockey Gold for Canada

February 27, 2014

All my patients, my staff at WestcoastSmile Dental Studio and yours truly, Dr Jeffrey Norden were all a bit tired Monday.  Like most of Canada, all of us got up early Sunday morning to watch the Canada-Sweden Gold medal hockey game in Sochi.  It was…