Composite Tooth Bonding

Bonding, or composite resin bonding, involves bonding an enamel-like material to a tooth surface and shaping it to the desired form. The composite resin can be coloured to match any tooth shade. (Dental composite resin bonding from Wikipedia)

Bonding before Bonding after

How does tooth bonding work?

The cosmetic dentistry procedure begins with etching the surface of your teeth with a mild acid. The etching is both safe and comfortable. An adhesive is then applied to the newly textured tooth surface. Composite resin is applied to the adhesive in a putty form, and a strong bond forms. At this point Kitsilano dentist, Dr. Norden will shape the resin to achieve the most attractive results for your particular face.

Bonding is often less expensive than porcelain veneers, and may be completed in one office visit. The results last for several years. Maintenance of bonding includes good oral hygiene and regular professional cleanings. A more durable solution to the problems solved with bonding is the application of porcelain veneer.

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