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How WestcoastSmile Treats Oral Injuries

More than 5 million teeth are knocked out each year. That means nearly $500 million are spent on replacing these teeth each year, according to Crest’s Dental Care website. In professional football alone, mouthguards prevent nearly 150,000 orofacial injuries each year. Leading injury prevention specialists recommend a mouthguard for anyone in any organized sports activity.

Sport Dentistry - Emergencies For players who don’t wear mouthguards, orofacial injuries are a common consequence of high-impact activities. Teeth chip, crack or get knocked out. Crowns and roots fracture. These problems must be fixed quickly and effectively to prevent further decay or disease. In addition to providing custom, easy-to-wear mouthguards, Dr. Jeffery Norden’s sports dentistry team addresses existing oral injuries by providing tooth replacement and dental contouring.

WestcoastSmile specializes in replacing missing teeth in ways that don’t threaten your bright smile, they enhance it. Each tooth plays an important role in not only your happy smile, but also the health of your mouth. Sports dentistry treatments for tooth loss, such as implants, bridgework or crowns are used to enhance appearance, ensure comfort and maintain function.

We provide a painless procedure called dental contouring to reshape teeth. Chipped and worn teeth can be made to look much better. Not only does this enhance your smile, but it increases the health of your teeth by removing minor overlaps and smoothing edges where harmful tartar and plaque tend to hide, build up and eventually lead to tooth decay, tooth loss or gum disease.

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