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The Art & Science of Smile Design:

The smile makeover consultation is an important stage of your new smile’s development. Dr. Jeffrey Norden’s approach makes certain that you are thrilled with the result, because you participate in all the decisions made along the way.

At your initial smile makeover consultation, Dr. Norden listens. He listens very carefully to you, finding out exactly what your dental goals are. He wants to know the results you expect, any concerns you may have and any of your special considerations.


Dr. Norden finds solutions for you by matching state-of-the-art cosmetic dentistry technology to your goals. Using the Smile Catalogue and an extensive photo gallery, you decide what you want your smile to look like. Everyone’s face is unique; the WestcoastSmile consultation process ensures a smile that makes yours look better than you even imagined.


Dr. Norden and knowledgeable staff at WestcoastSmile thoroughly educate you as to the processes and cosmetic dentistry procedures. You will see a library of before and after cosmetic dentistry picture, DVD videos, sample restorations and many books describing what you can expect.


We take careful measurements, and an impression of your mouth. Using this base, Dr. Norden creates a wax model of your new smile, and you are once again consulted so that every detail meets with your approval.


At WestcoastSmile dental studio and whitening spa, Kitsilano dentist Dr. Norden develops a treatment plan to achieve your goals. An in-office financial manager will develop an affordable cosmetic dentistry plan with you. WestcoastSmile’s financing solutions make your new smile painless both in the chair and on your wallet!

Our goal at the WestcoastSmile is to meet your goals, in every way.

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