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    A Mindful Thanksgiving

    • 17/10/2014

    As Apple once again creates a “worldwide event” to announce yet another iPhone, iPad, iWatch or iWhatever to make even more billions of dollars; the company that is supposed to make us more “connected” seems to be in fact, keeping us further “dis-connected”.  How many families spent Thanksgiving virtually by “Facetime” instead of “Realtime”. So this blog is not about SEO or hits or views or social media presence but about gratefulness.

    Most of recently celebrated “Thanksgiving” and of course many of us overindulged in food and drink. I wonder though how many gave any thought to what we are actually thankful for.

    For many of us, we are thankful for our partner in life, our children, our parents, a special person to us or our pets.

    Lately though, as I am working away “enhancing your smile” during your dental office visits to WestcoastSmile Dental Studio in Vancouver, the TVs over your head are constantly showing us on the news programs the terrible things going on in the world. With that fresh in my mind, here are some other things that I am thankful for:


    I am thankful for the selfless men and women who at great risk to themselves have gone to Africa to work on the frontlines of the Ebola crisis and as this frightening virus makes its way to North America I am grateful to health professionals who will take the personal risk to help save lives.

    I am thankful for the many doctors, nurses and others who work with “Doctors without Borders/ Médecins Sans Frontières” who also go to the world’s most troubled corners to help the refugees and the war weary civilians.

    I am thankful for the courageous journalists who also work in these incredibly dangerous places to allow the world to glimpse into these places of death and destruction at the risk of their own death by decapitation.

    I am overwhelmingly amazed by the courage shown by many individuals from all over to go and comfort the most repressed and helpless people in the world in the most dangerous places and offer them hope.


    Here I am a dentist in Vancouver,B.C., Canada one of the most beautiful cities in the most beautiful province in the safest country in the world. My parents emigrated from the hell that was Europe after the Second World War and here in Toronto, Canada I was born and 24 years later I became a dentist in no small part due to the incredible free education I was given. I didn’t even know it but I won the lottery. Yes the 6/49 and Loto BC and all the other lotteries put together because the biggest prize that you could ever win is the chance to be born in Canada and live our lives in peace and security.


    Thank you Canada


    If you would like to share what you are thankful for please comment on my blog or if you like it please share this blog through whatever technology you choose.




    Jeffrey Norden DDS

    WestcoastSmile Dental Studio and Whitening Spa

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