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    Buyer Beware Think Twice to Avoid Teeth Whitening Fouls

    • 03/07/2010


    I just noticed walking down the street from my office that the lady who does facials and waxes legs is also offering you teeth whitening.  Every time I open my computer and scroll on Google, I get a pop-up ad telling me how I can make a lot of money selling teeth whitening. My colleague walks through an airport in the U.S, and sees kiosks offering whitening while you await your airplane. Since when did placing a very powerful hydrogen peroxide mixture on someone’s teeth become something a kiosk lady can do.

    Teeth Whitening Vancouver Dentist

    Teeth Whitening Vancouver Dentist

    Did you know that in B.C, our College of Dental Surgeons were so strict in the rules governing teeth whitening application that it wasn’t more than a few years ago that they even allowed licensed hygienists and CDA’s to apply it on a patient.  So let me get this straight, the governing body of dentists is so worried about patient health that they only want licensed dentists placing gel on patients teeth at risk of  license suspension but your neighbor down the street can have a whitening party and charge you $99 so you can whiten your teeth. What gives?? The truth is like all things that sound too good to be true , it is.  I ask myself why would a person let a stranger place a gel on their teeth that potentially could damage their teeth and gums perhaps permanently.  Is it because they think,  “ Hey ,$99.00, this is way cheaper than the dentist charges”.  Well let me tell you what you will get for your $99.

    Firstly, the gel will be made in China with an  undisclosed percentage of hydrogen peroxide.  If you are lucky it will be approximately 5% and therefore will likely not harm your teeth or gums unless you have exposed  due to gum shrinkage (recession)  dentin or roots.  They put on the gel filled tray and  you wear for it for 15 minutes in front of a little red light (that  light does nothing by the way). Well you have just paid $100 for something you can buy at the drugstore for a third of the price.  Now, if you are unlucky the gel is a higher percentage of hydrogen peroxide and the person selling it doesn’t really know anything about the gel  or where it is manufactured and what kind of manufacturing safeguards they have or don’t have.  In other words, they don’t have a clue what they are putting on your teeth.

    Let’s say its 20%-30%  hydrogen peroxide.  Did you know that if that is applied to exposed dentin or root cementum it could cause a temporary or permanent pulpitis.  That could eventually lead to a person needing root canal therapy or it could cause a possible root resorption  that in the worst case could lead to the need to remove the tooth.Yet thousands and thousands of people in North America are doing this. Maybe many of these people never go to the dentist anyway but go to the malls where they are tempted by “easy and cheap?  whitening”.   Don’t you think these people are the worst candidates to try this as they probably are most likely not going to the dentist and probably have dental or gingival problems to begin with.

    Please think twice before you or someone you know does this kind of thing.  These days teeth whitening at a dental office are being offered at very  competitive fees.    You do not have to pay $500, $600, $700 and more.  My office  for example, WestcoastSmile Dental Studio and Whitening Spa offers  teeth whitening for $399 and it includes a pretreatment and post treatment desensitivity  gel and  spa paraffin hand treatment.  We have experienced licensed professionals doing this procedure and I personally examine each person to make sure they are candidates for this procedure and the procedure will cause no harm . We also  have specials and promotions during occasions like Valentine’s Day, Mothers’ and Fathers’ day, Christmas etc.  You can phone around to dental offices and find the best price.

    The truth is the dentists are not making much profit on these procedures due to the higher costs associated with providing legitimate safe product delivered by licensed personnel.   But, those ladies in the malls and spas are making a killing.  They pay little for their Grey market product and have unlicensed personnel applying it and rake in $100 for 15 minutes.

    Caveat Emptor/ Buyer Beware

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