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    Did the Olympics Really Happen Here?

    • 01/06/2010

    Can it be three months ago that we all rode the exhilarating ride of our Vancouver Olympics? On Sunday February 28 we witnessed one of the greatest hockey games ever.  I still remember our own Ryan Keslar scoring with 7 seconds remaining to tie the game for the U.S. and feeling my  stomach in my throat.  The fact that it was our Canuck team player Ryan  Keslar didn’t make it feel better.

    During the intermission, I kept thinking how much tension there was in the building.   Is this what it would  feel like if the Canucks ever were playing game seven for the Stanley Cup. Well, as you all know our hero Sidney Crosby scored and the whole of our nation stood up and cheered.

    vancouver before and after olympic games

    The Olympics brought our country, province and particularly our city Vancouver together  in a way rarely  experienced in Canada.   I walked home from the rink  most days after my shift and even though I was getting sick with  bronchitis I could still feel they joy our city was having as I walked through the throngs of people having fun.

    As the dentist on the medical team of Canada Hockey Place, I was thankful there were no serious facial traumas that I had to deal with. I was thankful for the opportunity to part of this Olympic games.  Like most young Canadian boys, I dreamed of being a hockey player  playing in the NHL and for Canada at the Olympics.   It turned out that I was better at school than I was at hockey and dentistry became my career.  I love dentistry. Yet even at my middle age and being a  professional for almost 30 years, I still couldn’t believe I was working with the best hockey players on the planet at the Olympic Games.  I was really part of an Olympic games, how cool is that.  When Sidney Crosby scored that goal, I jumped high in the air and screamed and remembered  doing the same thing in 1972 as a sixteen year old boy when Paul Henderson scored what would be up until Feb 28 2010  the greatest goal Canada to win the cold war match with the  U.S.S.R .

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