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    It’s “Going Back to Hockey” Again

    • 16/09/2010

    It’s going back to school time again and even though it’s been many years since I was in school I still get flashbacks to that butterfly feeling of the first day back at school. These days going back to school means going back to work for the Vancouver Canucks. We started with the rookie medicals last Friday and this Friday I will be at the Rogers Arena doing the same for the veterans. Lots of changes this year starting off with the name of the building. I don’t know about you but I am having a hard time not saying GM place or the “Garage”. I know its Rogers Arena now , I am sure I will get it sooner or later. One thing for sure , it’s much easier phoning or tweeting out of the building. Maybe Rogers beefed up there coverage in the building.

    Hockey Dentist Vancouver

    When I do the dental examinations on the rookies its incredible what nice teeth most of them have. Lots of these young guys play in colleges in the US and they are required to wear full face shields for protection. Here in Canada or Europe most wear at least ½ shields and mouthguards.
    One example was hot prospect rookie Kevin Connauton , drafted from our Vancouver Giants. Great kid and beautiful teeth. I kept telling him how nice and perfect his teeth are considering he is a tough defenceman. Well I must of cursed him in some way by saying that because that very afternoon after the first rookie scrimmage I get a call at my office saying that Kevin got a stick in the face and busted up a few of his teeth. Gee I felt bad for him.
    One of my main goals is to encourage the rookies to wear proper fitting custom mouthguards. I feel if I can make mouthguards that fit well they will continue to wear them when they get into the pros.
    All of us recreational hockey players, guys and gals alike, should check your equipment bag and make sure your mouthguard is there and is in good condition. If not please get your dentist to make you a custom mouthguard. The store bought ones just don’t do the job properly. A well made custom guard may cost you between 75.00 and 150.00 but you will have it for many years and it is protecting something so valuable… your teeth and smile.

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