Our extraordinary dental team is dedicated to ensuring that we not only meet your expectations but also exceed them when you visit our Vancouver dentists, Dr. David Cheng and Dr. Jeffrey Norden in the Kitsilano area.

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10 years as your dentist in Kitsilano

One of my favorite days of the year is Dec 22, the winter solstice, it’s the day when at last, we gain about 2 minutes every day of more daylight. We recycle our 2015 calendars and open up to a fresh beginning in January 2016. It’s a time to reflect back on the year that was and time to look forward with anticipation and enthusiasm for the upcoming year ahead.

Dr. Jeffrey Norden wishes you all the best for 2016

WestcoastSmile Dental Studio had a wonderful 2015, as well as celebrating the 10th anniversary of our opening in Kitsilano. We have been delighted by the enthusiastic response we have received from our patients since our opening 10 years We thank you all for your trust and confidence in me and the WestcoastSmile Dental Studio team. My belief 10 years ago was in providing the highest quality dental treatment in a soothing, relaxing spa-like environment with an exceptionally trained team of highly competent dental professionals. This philosophy of practice turned out to be a winning formula for success. Your confidence in our dental team has allowed us to grow while continuing our commitment to offering our patients 5-star service.

Danielle is back and our office has extended hours!

We are happy that Danielle, our office manager is back from maternity leave and we are looking forward to having all hands on deck to start the new year. WestcoastSmile Dental Studio is pleased to announce our NEW SCHEDULE of EXTENDED HOURS. We are open on Fridays and two Saturdays a month. We will be adding more evening hours in the very near future. Please check our website www.westcoastsmile.com, to view our extended hours schedule and book your appointment.

Dental crown in Vancouver in a day

In addition, we are excited to announce our acquisition of one of the NEWEST INNOVATIONS IN DENTAL TECHNOLOGY. This system will have an incredible impact on many of our patients who require crowns, inlays, onlays, and even in some cases veneers. This is the most sophisticated and updated dental, digital scanning technology with the ability to fabricate restorations in our office IN ONE VISIT. DENTAL CROWN IN VANCOUVER IN A DAY!
MORE TO COME in our next blog.

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