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Tooth Diamonds Jewelry

Teeth Jewelry and Diamonds

Teeth jewelry, such as a tooth diamond, is the best way to bling your teeth.

Want to add bling to your teeth with beautiful diamond-like tooth crystals?

The clear, coloured or rainbow-shimmering sparkle of tooth diamonds is appealing to image-conscious patients wanting a bold new look, popularized by hip-hop musicians, including Justin Bieber, Kanye West, Lady Gaga, Lil’ Wayne, Pink and Rahki Sawant.

tooth diamond

What are tooth jewels/diamonds?

Tooth jewels are either real VF diamonds or glass crystals that are made to enhance your smile.

Tooth jewels are clear or colored glass crystals, cut specifically to affix on the smooth surfaces of your teeth to accentuate your mouth. The unique coating reflects light beautifully. Your smile will sparkle like a diamond with this safe, comfortable dental accessory. Real VF diamonds must have slight dimples prepared in the teeth to set the stone. Then, dental composite material (glue) easily attaches the dental jewelry to your tooth.

No pain. No permanent enamel abrasions. It’s made to withstand daily activities, such as brushing, for at least one year.

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