Our extraordinary dental team is dedicated to ensuring that we not only meet your expectations but also exceed them when you visit our Vancouver dentists, Dr. David Cheng and Dr. Jeffrey Norden in the Kitsilano area.

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Sport Dentistry

Your Bright White Top Two Front Teeth Are the Most Visible and the Most Vulnerable

Do you have a mouthguard that no longer fits well?

Are you worried about an old dental injury?

If you want to protect your smile throughout your active life, Dr. Jeffrey Norden and Westcoast Smile can help. With more than twenty years in the business, which includes sports dentistry for the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics and the Vancouver Canucks, Dr. Jeffrey Norden and his team of dental professionals provide unparalleled expertise and care of Vancouver’s athletes.

Learn More about the Vancouver Canucks Dentist in Kitsilano who calls Kitsilano Home

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