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CEREC: Crown in a Day

At Westcoast Smile, we offer consultation and treatment for tooth restoration, broken crowns, onlays and inlays, using our CEREC: crown-in-a-day technique. That means, those multiple trips to the surgery for a dental prosthesis are old news. Our cutting edge technology can repair your tooth permanently in just one day, with thanks to the introduction of our digital dentistry machine. Sounds too good to be true.

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How does CEREC work?

Our CEREC: crown-in-a-day system has been adopted by the world’s leading dental experts for over 30 years, and now, Westcoast Smile bring you the same outstanding technology. Our 3- dimensional X-ray delivers a thorough report on the nature and severity of your broken tooth. A reconstruction can then begin, as the machine produces the restoration, and constructs it to fit perfectly. The device contains a camera linked to an advanced computer system and milling machine, which negates the need for clay impressions to be taken and allows the crown, or inlay, to match your tooth exactly. The result is a replacement of exceptional quality, easily bonded for maximum comfort.

westcoast smile cerec

Benefits of CEREC technology:

  • A single visit will replace multiple trips to the dentist, the work is done over a couple of hours in the same day
  • Meticulous investigation of the teeth and gums, for instant, accurate reporting
  • Less wait time for results. Before our CEREC: crown-in-a-day treatment came into effect, results would often require processing and analyzing in a separate lab. Now they are almost instant.
  • No need for temporary crowns. The hassle-free CEREC: crown-in-a-day system means no temporary replacement, or fillings, are required
  • Ceramic or porcelain implants replace metal fillings, so your repaired tooth will match the rest of your teeth
  • The restoration is proven to have a longer lifespan than traditional crowns and inlays
  • The precise construction of the inlay can make your tooth cleaner and stronger, as imperfections in the tooth are uncovered by our CAD/CAM software
  • Determination of occlusal contact, following the CEREC: crown-in-a-day treatment, ensures your teeth sit properly with each other
  • Intelligent design means your CEREC dental crown or inlay will blend in flawlessly amongst your other teeth


westcoast smile cerec

Save time and teeth with CEREC dental crowns at Westcoast Smile Following your initial examination, your dentist will numb your gum with an anesthetic, clean it, and remove any cavities causing your tooth to decay. Next, an optical impression is taken with the high-resolution, intraoral CERAC camera. This is an X-ray showing an extensive picture of your teeth, gums, and roots. The information is then uploaded to the machine, where a ceramic prosthetic is milled out, perfectly fitting the shape of your repair. The ceramic is bonded to your original tooth, resistant to wear and tear, and keeps out bacteria.

How long Does a CEREC crown take?

The whole CEREC: crown-in-a-day process is usually complete in about 3 hours. Let Westcoast Smile give you the smart fix. You can have strong, natural-looking teeth in the flash of a smile, with CEREC: crown-in-a-day. Book an Appointment for your CEREC: crown-in-a-day consultation today.

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