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Digital Radiography

Digital Dental X-ray

Part of our promise to you is to use technology to provide a safer and easier dental experience.

Dr. Jeffrey Norden and the WestcoastSmile Dental Studio team are pleased to offer our patients dental digital imaging. Using state of the art digital dental radiography from Sirona of Germany, we can provide fast, easy and safer X-ray diagnosis than ever before.

Advantages of Digital Radiography:

  • Lower Radiation Exposure: you will get from 75-90% less X-ray exposure than the conventional film dental X-ray
    Fast: the image appears almost instantaneously saving your time by not having to wait around to find out if the images are acceptable
  • Easy: For most patients our initial diagnostic will be taken with our digital Panorex imager. You simply stand up and the Imager rotates around your head in 8 sec and an image of all your teeth and jaw appears, additional smaller digital check- up x-rays may be taken only if necessary
  • Fewer Chemicals: By using digital radiography it allows us to dispense without using the caustic chemicals used to develop conventional dental film which provides you as our patient and our staff a cleaner safer environment.

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