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    I’m very confident now, I’ve got people always telling me how great my smile is!

    – Anastasia

    I have been coming to this dentists office for almost 2 years now and love them!!! I had an emergency”pain” incident and they got me in right away and voila, pain gone!!!! They are kind, gentle, understanding, I won’t go anywhere else!!!

    - Sarah Stevenson

    I have been a patient of Dr. Norden for many years and I have been extremely happy with the service. His technical skills are impeccable, the office exudes an almost zen-like quality with the soothing presence of a fish tank in the waiting area and the front staff are smiling and quick to offer service. The hygienists have always been equally skilled at both their work and the ability to make an hour of poking and prodding your gums feel like only thirty minutes.
    I have recommended them in the past and would happily do so in the future.

    - Mon Chin

    I am very nervous around dentists. The team at Westcoast Smile is so professional,, knowledgable and friendly, the space is so clean and welcoming. They are so organized that it helps me stay on topic my oral health.

    - Nicole L.

    This was a five-star experience from beginning to end . Came in with no notice or appointment, in extreme pain, staff was so understanding and accepted me for a full root canal. It was completed and out the door in 2 hours,
    highly recommend them!

    - Bruce Johnson

    I loved my dental appointment today. Great hygienist! Super friendly and thorough cleaning. Super white chiclets 😀
    Thanks Candice

    - Marnie Mains

    Amazing to meet all of the wonderful staff at West Coast Smile. Especially Dr Norden, pearl and Jennie. Getting out of the chair yesterday and seeing the before and after of my teeth, I was in shock. I wanted jump up and down and celebrate and give you all a big hug!! But I couldn’t stop staring at that mirror. I want you all to know you have restored a big piece of my self-esteem. I can now honestly say I have never met a mirror I didn’t like!

    - Kelly M.

    My family and I come here and I couldn’t be more pleased with Dr Norden and his staff. They are so friendly and professional and sensitive to each person’s hygiene needs. I have very sensitive gums and the hygienist does such a wonderful job. I’ve also had gum surgery here and it couldn’t have gone any better. I would highly recommend Westcoast Smile Dental hadn’t been to the dentist in over 2 years and I avoided seeking out a new dentist in Vancouver, fearing that it would be a terrifying experience, not because of the city’s reputation but just because it’s the dentist. I was highly recommended to Dr. Norden by numerous co-workers and decided to give them a try. First, it was super easy and convenient to fill out the new patient form and make appointments. Dr. Norden and his assistant took the time to explain all the steps and made my comfort a priority. The receptionist took care of all the insurance billing and I received my money back within days. The team at Westcoast Smile made me feel welcomed and at home. I am extremely appreciative of this service and I’m so happy I found this dental team. I am recommending everyone I know to go to this dental studio.

    - Unknown

    I love my teeth but there has been one minor thing I have disliked for years and years. Every other dentist I saw told me I would have to get veneers in order to fix it which seemed ridiculous to me. Dr. Norden was the first dentist who offered me other solutions and fixed the one thing I didn’t love.


    Now they are perfect and I couldn’t be happier. He is a perfectionist and an artist and a very nice man. I found him by going to the actual lab that makes veneers (I went to see what my options were) and they told me that he was one of only two dentists they knew of (and the only one in Vancouver) that could probably fix my problem without veneers. I went to meet him and never looked back.


    I switched and now do my cleaning appointments there as well. The girls that work there are very accommodating and professional AND NICE! No pretentiousness and very friendly. I refer them to everybody.


    - Sherri Morrison

    I feel very fortunate to have Dr Norden as my dentist. Dental work is performed with expertise.Procedures are explained fully.You can relax because you have confidence in his care.The whole team,Jas,Danielle & Jennifer are also competent. I would highly recommend Dr. Norden.


    - Barb A

    I spent a fair bit of time researching cosmetic dentistry in Vancouver before I choose to go with Dr. Norden. When I read his positive reviews on Rate My MD and learnt that he was the dentist for the Canucks, I felt that was about as good as it gets in terms of referrals.


    The girls at the clinic that help me set up my appointments were really professional and helpful. My appointments ran on time and Jeff was a really comfortable person to interact with. I was nervous and full of a lot of questions and everyone was very knowledgeable and helpful with my concerns.


    MY TEETH LOOK AMAZING! I am really pleased with the look of my smile. Jeffery did bonding on my two front teeth that had become chipped and worn from night time grinding. The bonding looks totally natural and I feel really confident about my smile again.


    I will be booking my husband in for similar work to be done on his teeth, and also be back to have some further work done on my own.


    Jeff and his team were at no time “sales driven” just completely client centred and I appreciated that a lot.


    Parking wasn’t a problem as they have a spot in the back for people with long appointments and there is ample meter parking out front. 1st Ave in Kits is not overly congested and I had no trouble getting parking for any of my 3 appointments.


    - Dawn

    Dr, Norden and his office staff have helped me navigate a “complicated mess’ of dentistry including temporary crown placement, veneers & gum grafts that needed follow-up after moving from Calgary to Vancouver. Dr. Norden has excellent rapport with his patients and is as meticulous about the cosmetic appearance as he is about the clinical outcome. His office staff – Jennie, Jaz, Danielle and others share his professionalism and are genuine in every patient interaction.


    After slipping through the cracks with poor follow-up, I feel like I have found a dentistry “home” with this group. Thank you for taking such good care of me.


    - Rose H

    Dr. Norden and his team provide an excellent service from basic care to providing recommendations for any areas you might want to improve. I’ve been grinding my teeth in my sleep for years and Dr. Norden and his team worked with me on different care-plan options and I couldn’t be happier. I highly recommend Dr. Norton and his team – friendly, super informative & committed to their patients.

    - Ellen

    Westcoast Smile is the best decision I’ve made for my teeth! Prior to Westcoast Smile, I felt that my hygienist rushed me out of the office to accommodate the other patients. Jodi at West Coast Smile was very gentle and thorough during my cleaning appointment. She was very informative and helped to educate me about my teeth. Unlike like other dental hygienists, she explained what the best options for my teeth were rather than trying to convince me of options that were impractical. I recommend that you visit Jodi at West Coast Smile, if you’re looking for a thorough hygienist.

    - Manju P

    I went here because out of convenience as I work in the neighborhood, and am happy I did so. Previously to here I had a bad experience and became, a little fearful of the dentist. When I first came here It was because of a tooth ache and dr. Norden was very gentle. Then with my hygiene which went smoothly as I watched tv and enjoyed the calming atmosphere and warm staff. After a few visits my anxiety to the dentist calmed and I addressed my issue with my smile. Dr. Norden had me in Invisaligns which was gave me a new look. Now my brother and best friend go to him as well.


    - Brianna

    I was having tooth pain & knew I had a couple of cavities… but had been putting it off for a few years due to the expense and not being a fan of the dentist. After booking a few appointments with Dr. Naz at WestcoastSmile, I can honestly say that it’s been a positive experience. They explain everything they are doing, educate you with helpful tips, and make sure you are nice & comfortable the whole time!


    They provided tv and/or headphones for music, a nice spa atmosphere with beverages, and I was given a warm facecloth when I was done. Since my tooth pain was so bad, they made sure I didn’t feel any pain during my fillings and even gave me a ”tooth pillow” of sorts to help hold my jaw open! It’s the little things like that which make a big difference in comfort. I would highly recommend going here!!

    - Amber

    Dr. Norden is very knowledgeable when it comes to dental work! especially cosmetic wise, regarding what looks aesthetically pleasing. I had two hand bonded veneers and zoom whitening done by him and his team, and they were all very welcoming and helpful. I got the veneers done for cosmetic reasons, as I did not like two of my natural teeth. He made me CONFIDENT with my smile and not afraid to show it off like I once was. When I had my first consultation with him, he new exactly what needed to be done to revive my smile, and was able to easily give answers to my questions & concerns. My teeth are now perfectly white from the zoom whitening and the veneers look very very good!


    His office has a very spa like feel which puts all your dental nerves at ease, not to mention it doesn’t have that familiar “dental office” smell that we often associate with fear of dentists! His staff is extremely friendly, helpful and patient.


    This is truly a unique and wonderful Dental Office and I would recommend it to anyone!


    - Nicole

    Thanks for taking the time to listen and care. You are a great guy and a great dentist.Thanks so much.


    - Mary Lynne, Hospitality Worker

    I used to dread my visits to the dental office. I now arrive early to enjoy the relaxing atmosphere here at WestcoastSmile. I enjoy coffee and listen to the music. By the time I go back to the office, I feel peaceful and calm, much like the surroundings. I always look forward to my next visit!

    - Laura

    I want to thank Dr. Norden for being the most gentle dentist, being incredibly patient, and doing fabulous and wonderful work.

    - Kathy, Office Administrator

    For the first time in my life I now have a smile with bright, healthy looking teeth that feel completely natural. When I started receiving compliments, I started smiling more, eating better, and taking better care of myself in general. I am now in better physical shape than I have been in 20yrs. It’s a self confidence I gained that I never knew I was missing. A big thank you to Dr. Norden and his entire team for an outstanding experience!

    - Morry, Business Owner

    WestcoastSmile Dental offers outstanding patient care. Dr. Norden and his staff are very professional and courteous and always made me feel comfortable and relaxed. Dr. Norden strives for perfection, makes no compromises, and has total pride in his work. I am thrilled with the results and the total experience was so much better than expected!


    - Chris, Photographer

    I was very pleased with my experience at WestcoastSmile Dental. I love the decor of the office, the staff are so helpful and Dr. Norden was awesome! I was treated like a star when I came in and I will definitely be back.


    - Leslie, Actress

    My teeth look amazing. It’s like they have always been this way. I could not be more pleased with the results… When I look back at old pictures it is a distinct and definite improvement. I wish I had these teeth all my life. I should have done it a lot sooner.


    [About her experience in our office she said] “Dr. Norden is – and I think I said this to him – like an artist and a surgeon … He has obviously fine-tuned his skills in this type of dentistry to a very high degree. He’s amazing. In addition, the members of his supporting team are a definite asset to his practice. They provide you with all the information that you are looking for, they hear your concerns and try to assuage any fears that you may have. Overall, it could not have been a more positive experience.”


    [We asked Joanne what she liked best about her experience with us] “Everything. I don’t know what I was expecting really but the environment, the service and level of care that was provided was exceptional.

    - Joanne

    Dr. Norden and his team have truly changed my life. I arrived on the doorstep of WestcoastSmile with a glowing referral from a friend and a complicated set of dental issues. I was dreading the process of having 2 bridges and 2 veneers replaced, but the moment I began to work with Dr. Norden, Danielle, and Jas I quickly realized and felt I was in good hands. I was safe. Starting from day one and throughout the whole process all of my questions were addressed in a timely, gentle, and professional manner. And now? I am thrilled with how my new teeth look [natural] as well as how they function [perfectly]. Thank you so much.


    - Amber, Yoga Instructor

    I came to Dr. Norden with chipped and worn front teeth that were in serious need of attention. From the beginning I was impressed with Dr. Norden’s methodical approach to designing a new smile, which involved showing me many options and discussing every aspect to ensure I’d be happy with the results. The quality of Dr. Norden’s work is second to none…he is a mix of surgeon, artist and magician. I’m extremely happy with the results. The difference is amazing yet the look is still natural. I wish I’d done it years sooner!


    - Chris C, Investor

    I’m not sure where to begin to describe the awesome experience each time I go to WestCoast Smile. Rating that I love Dr. Norden & his team is 100% true. Having not been to the dentist in YEARS, I was a nervous wreck when I went in for a cleaning and to have a bothersome tooth checked. My nervousness was calmed immediately as Dr. Norden took the time to explain each procedure and consistently checked in on me throughout my time in the dental chair. From the needles to the dental work, everything was pain-free!

    As someone who usually avoids the dentist, I now have regular visits thanks to the trust I have in the entire team at WestCoast Smile. Dr. Norden really is something special.


    - Tracey Keough

    My new smile is fantastic and has really improved my self-confidence!


    - Health Professional

    I love my new smile!


    - Mortgage Broker

    My new smile gives me that competitive edge and confidence. Great job Dr. Norden.


    - Investment Banker

    Your hand sculpted veneers are even more natural and beautiful than I imagined. I just love to smile now.

    - Government Services

    Very few people ever noticed I was wearing Invisalign. It really is almost invisible! In addition to straightening my teeth, the treatment also spaced them out better which makes flossing a lot easier.

    - Anna Wallner

    In the entertainment business, your smile is your calling card. Thanks, Dr. Norden for your attention to detail and your great work

    - Actor

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