Our extraordinary dental team is dedicated to ensuring that we not only meet your expectations but also exceed them when you visit our Vancouver dentists, Dr. David Cheng and Dr. Jeffrey Norden in the Kitsilano area.

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Extreme Makeover

When your smile needs extreme attention

When smile enhancement isn’t enough it is time to turn your smile over to the experts at Westcoast Smile to apply the latest dental cosmetic procedures in Kitsilano, Vancouver for your extreme makeover. If you need realignment, the professionals at Westcoast Smile are a preferred provider for the Invisalign process. When gum problems are affecting your smile, laser gum contouring could be the perfect solution. When you decide it is time for an extreme makeover, look through this gallery of before and after pictures and then make your appointment for a consultation with Westcoast Smile today.

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Cosmetic Smile Makeover Cases

Male, Age 52

Before – failed restorations, leaking old crowns, disproportionate/round shape teeth

Solution – laser gum recontouring, 8 Upper Porcelain Veneers, 4 lower porcelain veneers

Male, Age 58

Before – Misaligned/worn teeth Discolored

Solution – Full mouth reconstruction, Limited orthodontics, 24 Porcelain restorations

Male, Age 41

Before – Failed restorations, Worn teeth, Discoloration

Solution – Full mouth restoration, Laser gum recontouring, 24 Porcelain restorations

Female, Age 56

Before – failed old crowns, misaligned lower teeth, smile brightness

Solution – laser gum recontouring, 8 Upper porcelain crowns, Lower Invisalign Orthodontics, 6 lower porcelain restorations

Female, Age 50

Before – failed restorations, leaking old crowns, disproportionate/round shape teeth

Solution – laser gum contouring, 24 Porcelain restorations

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Stop letting imperfect teeth dampen your confidence. Reach out to Westcoast Smile, your dedicated cosmetic dentist in Vancouver, to book a cosmetic consultation. Explore the wide range of cosmetic dental treatments that can beautifully transform your smile with subtlety and comfort. Experience a renewed sense of confidence and happiness as you enjoy everything Vancouver has to offer with a perfect smile! Achieve the radiant smile you deserve with cosmetic dentistry services at Westcoast Smile Dental Clinic now!


Why Choose Westcoast Smile?

Excellence in Cosmetic Dentistry

Westcoast Smile is your ideal partner for cosmetic dental care, here’s why:

  • Expert Team: Dr. Cheng and Dr. Norden’s extensive experience, qualifications, and education.
  • Reputation & Specialization: Known for specialized, quality cosmetic dental services.
  • Technology: Cutting-edge dental technology for the best outcomes.
  • Personalized Care: From the atmosphere of our clinic to the tailored treatment plans, your comfort and satisfaction are our priority.

Discover the Westcoast Smile difference and let us help you achieve the smile of your dreams.

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