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Incredible Invisalign Promotion in Kitsilano

Finally, everyone in Vancouver can uncover their best smile at an amazing price.

Starting today, March 15th, you can build your best smile (and save $300 in the process) during WestcoastSmile’s special Invisalign Promotion.

Over one million people in Canada have used the Invisalign process, so you know it works. WestcoastSmile’s special will save you $300 on the Invisalign process and the consultation appointment to determine if Invisalign would be a good solution for you is 100% free.

The Invisalign process utilizes a series of transparent and nearly invisible trays created specifically for your teeth to gradually and gently align your teeth until they are perfect. Another advantage of Invisalign is that it requires far fewer office visits than other alignment methods.

Invisalign is up to a 50% faster process than most of the other conventional methods used to realign teeth and since the trays can be removed, you can still eat, brush, and floss without trouble or discomfort.

Using modern technology your teeth will be mapped precisely to create the series of trays which you will wear for up to 12 months. While you will wear your appliances for up to 22 hours a day, unlike other solutions, when you have a special event, you can just remove the appliances and go on with your life.

Dr. Norden and his team will work with you to come up with the perfect schedule and treatment plan and be working with you every step of the way until you see the smile you have always wanted staring back at you in your mirror every morning.

Don’t miss your opportunity to have WestcoastSmile, a preferred Invisalign provider, straighten your teeth. This special deal won’t last forever. West Coast Smile’s Invisalign Promotion will come to an end on April 15th.

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