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Smile Makeover

Are you ready to show the world your brand new smile?

When it is time for a smile makeover in Kitsilano West Coast Smile is the one place where you can be sure you will receive the premier cosmetic dentistry in Vancouver. We have two decades of experience in bringing back beautiful smiles for our satisfied clientele and we take great pride in providing the most advanced dental cosmetic procedures in Vancouver. When you are ready to unleash the power of your best smile, take a look through this gallery before making the appointment for your smile makeover today.

Female, Age 32

smile makeover

Before – failed composite bonding space closure

Solution – 4 front teeth esthetic hand -sculpteda and composite veneers


Female, Age 49

Before – worn front teeth, gummy smile, dark triangle

Solution – laser gum recontouring, 4 upper porcelain veneers, 2 esthetic bonding


Female, Age 49

Before – gummy smile, failed bonding, and square shaped teeth

Solution – laster gum recontouring, 6 upper esthetic bonding


Male, age 25

Before – failed 2 front crowns, spacing, gummy smile

Solution – laser gum recontouring, 6 upper porcelain veneers


Female, age 29

smile makeover

Before – enamel defects, failed bonding

Solution – laser gum recontouring, 6 upper esthetic bonding


Female, Age 27

smile makeover

Before – gummy smile, disproportionate previous veneers

Solution – laser gum recontouring, 6 upper porcelain veneers

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