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    Get Your Dental Implants in Kitsilano

    Kitsilano Dental Implants - west Coast Smile Tooth Emergency? Losing a tooth, particularly one in a prominent position, can be an emotionally devastating blow that can ultimately affect your self-confidence. Quick and decisive action can bring back that self-confidence by totally restoring your smile in appearance and the full functionality of your teeth.

    Whether you lost your tooth in an accident or have had a root canal fail, the choices that you make on a style of replacement are important and can affect everything from the kinds of foods you eat to the health of your jawbone and of each of the surrounding teeth (A Tooth implant is the cosmetic dentistry ‘gold standard’ for tooth replacements).
    Dental implants were invented in Sweden and came to the United States around 1983. Since that time, they have formed the basis of a revolution in how tooth replacement is approached. Basically, dental implants involve the insertion of a titanium post (very similar to a root) into the jawbone. Each implant becomes the foundation upon which artificial teeth or bridges can be supported in a much more stable and permanent manner.

    The Dental Implant Procedure

    Dr. Jeffrey Norden and his team at West Coast Smile specialize in providing the best dental implants possible to the people of Kitsilano and the  Greater Vancouver area.

    The procedure is simple, a titanium post is surgically implanted into the jawbone (mirroring the stable foundation of a natural tooth) and, after some healing takes place, a second post is attached and later your choice of either an  artificial tooth, bridge, or other cosmetic replacement  is attached to that post creating a tooth virtually indistinguishable in look or feel from your original tooth (or teeth).

    Dental Implants Are The Best Replacement Option, Here’s Why

    Dental Implants - dentist kitsilanoIt can come as a surprise to many that traditional dental bridges or dentures often cause long-term oral health problems. A bridge or partial dentures can weaken surrounding, connecting, or adjacent teeth and both bridges and dentures can also weaken the jawbone.

    One of the other great advantages to choosing a dental implant is that dental implants are stable. All of the other major forms of replacement can slip or shift since while dental implants never shift because they are rooted to the jawbone. This can make a huge difference in your confidence eating many of your favorite kinds of food or even in feeling confident showing off your smile.

    Another major advantage to a dental implant is it’s reliability. Unlike bridges or partial dentures (which have to be replaced on a regular basis), dental implants are durable. The AAID concluded that Dental Implants have a 97% success rate while partial dentures can be as low as a 30% success rate.

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