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Amalgam Free Dentistry

Amalgam-free dentistry replaces harmful mercury fillings for a healthier smile.

Do you have old unstable mercury fillings that may damage your teeth? Are you searching for safe removal of these amalgam fillings? Dr. Jeffery Norden and Westcoast Smile can safely remove harmful fillings and restore a healthy, natural looking tooth.

What is amalgam-free dentistry?

Amalgam-free dental care uses safe, natural-looking materials to restore teeth.

Mercury fillings expand and contract during varying conditions, which can allow harmful bacteria to settle in and further damage your tooth. These fillings not only don’t match your tooth enamel, they can turn black and cause discolouration to occur. Plus some patients are allergic to the metal used. The best solution is to replace these old fillings.

Amalgam-free dentistry is a safe, effective way to replace amalgam fillings. Our amalgam removal procedure requires a single appointment. Dr. Jeffery Norden follows a strict routine that replaces the metal filling with safer, more natural-looking restorations.

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