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Teeth Whitening Procedure

Zoom! Teeth Whitening in Vancouver, Kitsilano

Whitening is referred to as ‘cosmetic dentistry’ because it improves the appearance (by brightening the smile). But, the feeling you can get after your teeth are whitened can have effects that are more than cosmetic.

Teeth whitening Kitsilano

Having confidence in your smile can be a powerful element of self-confidence. From doctors using laser whitening in Kitsilano to stores selling non-fitted whitening trays at supermarkets throughout Canada, there are plenty of available options for whitening services and Dr. David Cheng has seen and tried them all. At the end of the day, and after trying many methods, Dr. Cheng concluded that the Zoom! Whitening procedure is by far, the consistently best option for results for his patients. You might have seen Zoom! Whitening used on the ABC show “Extreme Makeover.”

How does Zoom! Whitening Work?

The procedure utilizes a combination of a concentrated blue LED light and a hydrogen peroxide bleach gel to break-up stains and return your smile to its natural whiteness. When you are ready to get your teeth whitened, call Dr. Cheng and make an appointment for a consultation today. You will receive a preliminary consultation with Dr. Cheng. The consultation is necessary because not everybody is a great fit for teeth whitening. Often if you have fillings or other appliance work you might end up with different teeth with different shades of white.

We offer both ZOOM! In-office Whitening and Custom Take-Home Kits. Please call our office for details and pricing!

How long does it take to whiten teeth with Zoom! Whitening?

If it turns out that you are a good candidate for whitening, you should be able to complete your entire whitening procedure in just one visit. Once you arrive and get comfortable, one of our dental professionals will cover your lips and gums and then apply the Zoom! Hydrogen Peroxide Gel to the teeth while positioning the chairside Blue LED lamp for three or four fifteen-minute sessions. After you complete your three to four sessions, a sensitivity-reducing fluoride paste gel is applied to your teeth ( if required due to tooth sensitivity)

teeth whitening before and after

Enjoy Your Zoom! Whitening In Our Incredible Treatment Room

Even the prospect of getting an hour-long procedure at the dentist can seem more like a punishment than it does like therapeutic treatment, but not at Westcoast Smile. When you come to us for  Zoom! Teeth whitening in Vancouver it is very important to us that you have a really pleasant experience. Our treatment room has gentle bamboo on the walls, a subtle lavender fragrance, dimmed lights, and the sound of gently falling water

While you receive your teeth whitening procedure you will be provided with the option of listening to music or watching television. You can then kick back and relax in comfort and style while you complete your approximately one-hour procedure.

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