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    What is Teeth Whitening

    Answering Your Questions About Teeth Whitening In Kitsilano

    “I would recommend this office to anyone looking for a caring, respectful dental office”.Lynn Trimble Google Review

    When asked what people would love to improve most about their smile a common survey response was that people wanted “whiter teeth.” In fact, in some surveys, as high as 90% of respondents put their desire for whiter teeth at the top of their list.

    Dr. Jeffrey Norden and his staff have provided teeth whitening procedures for literally hundreds of satisfied customers If you decide you want to supercharge your smile, give West Coast Smile a call and make an appointment for our teeth whitening center in Kitsilano today.

    What is Teeth Whitening?

    Professional Teeth whitening is the application of a bleach in combination with the use of concentrated light (or other elements) to break up stains into smaller and smaller parts. This process results in an often dramatic whitening of the teeth.

    Whitening is often needed when a patient has experienced:

    • Staining from food or drink (coffee, tea, and wine can be especially problematic)
    • Staining from the use of tobacco products
    • The natural yellowing that teeth often experience with aging
    • Yellowing from trauma (like being punched in the mouth)
    • Staining from the use of certain medications.

    Teeth Whitening - Kitsilano Dental ClinicWhitening can also be recommended prior to another cosmetic procedure (like the application of dental veneers) so that your teeth match the color of a new dental appliance.

    The best candidates for whitening are people with healthy gums and unrestored healthy teeth (teeth that have not been filled). Often unnatural or filled teeth can fail to match the color of whitened teeth.

    Staining over a lifetime is totally normal and whitening has become a very popular cosmetic procedure to handle the accumulation of stains. It is a good idea to get professional teeth cleaning done prior to your teeth whitening procedure.

    What Makes the Zoom! Teeth Whitening Procedure Special?

    The Zoom! process involves the application of light from a unique chairside lamp with a trademarked bleaching gel.

    One of the many advantages of professional teeth whitening is that a dentist like Dr. Norden can perform an examination and consult your dental records and use that combined information to make the best recommendation for your particular needs.

    Dr. Norden has found the Zoom! Whitening procedure to have the best overall results.

    The Zoom! Process includes the following steps:

    • Consultation
    • A visit including 3 fifteen minute sessions where a dental professional will cover and protect your lips and gums before applying the Zoom! Hydrogen peroxide gel and the Zoom! Chairside light to your teeth
    • Application of a sensitivity-reducing fluoride gel after treatment
    • Instructions for continuing care and delivery of a custom-fit set of Zoom! whitening trays

    The entire process takes about an hour during which you can listen to music, or watch television in our relaxing whitening spa in Kitsilano.

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